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a man with a cover-up tattoo on his arm, gütersloh, germany

Black Bird Tattoo


Black Bird Tattoo is a beacon of high-quality artwork and excellent artistry, as highlighted by numerous reviews. The studio's tattoo artists are not only skilled but also have a knack for creating beautiful work that leaves a lasting impression. Their talent is consistently recognized by clients, with many praising the quality of their tattoos.

The artists at Black Bird Tattoo are not just known for their artistic prowess, but also for their personable service. They are described as friendly and welcoming, creating a comfortable atmosphere that enhances the overall tattooing experience. The studio's super friendly nature is a recurring theme in client feedback, making it a place where clients feel at ease.

Professionalism is a cornerstone of Black Bird Tattoo. The studio is lauded for its cleanliness and well-organized environment, ensuring a hygienic and safe space for clients. The artists are also known for their ability to provide good advice, guiding clients through the design process and helping them make informed decisions about their tattoos.

Black Bird Tattoo's reputation is further solidified by its high recommendations and 5-star ratings from clients. The phrase "Highly Recommended" is often associated with the studio, indicating its well-regarded status among clients. The 5-star rating is a testament to the positive experiences clients have at the studio, from the quality of the tattoos to the service they receive.

In summary, Black Bird Tattoo is a studio that combines high-quality artwork, personable service, and professionalism to create a memorable tattooing experience for its clients. Its highly recommended status and 5-star ratings are a testament to the studio's commitment to excellence.


Otto-Hahn-Weg 2, 33334 Gütersloh, Germany


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  • a lighthouse cover-up tattoo on the arm, gütersloh, germany
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