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a cover-up tattoo of a skull with a red and black paint, gotha, germany

Lounge of Color


Welcome to the Lounge of Color, the home of Sascha, a highly acclaimed tattoo artist renowned for his professionalism, tidiness, and responsiveness. Sascha's reputation for delivering exceptional value for money and superior quality work is well-documented by his clientele, many of whom have been loyal patrons for years, a testament to their high level of satisfaction with his services.

The Lounge of Color is more than just a tattoo studio; it's a haven of creativity where cleanliness meets sophistication. The studio is described as cozy and refined, providing a comfortable environment that puts clients at ease as they embark on their tattoo journey. Sascha's commitment to maintaining impeccable hygiene standards is frequently praised by reviewers, with one even noting that they have never experienced an infection despite their regular visits.

Beyond his artistic prowess, Sascha is known for his friendly and calm demeanor, a trait that contributes to the relaxing experience clients enjoy during their tattoo sessions. His professional work and personal qualities have earned him unreserved recommendations from reviewers, who appreciate not only his talent but also his approachable and professional nature. At the Lounge of Color, you'll find more than just a tattoo; you'll discover an artist dedicated to his craft and a space that embodies comfort, cleanliness, and sophistication.


  • a colorful watercolor cover-up tattoo with a tre tre tre tre tre tre tre tre tre tre tre tre, gotha, germany