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a woman's arm with a cover-up tattoo design on it, görlitz, germany



Eichdesign is a tattoo studio that has garnered a reputation for its personalized service and meticulous attention to detail. This studio has been consistently praised by reviewers for its adaptability to customer wishes, ensuring that each tattoo is a unique reflection of the individual's personality and style.

Communication is a cornerstone of Eichdesign's approach, with prompt responses and efficient email communication with the artist being a common highlight among reviewers. This level of interaction allows for a seamless exchange of ideas, ensuring that the final product is a perfect embodiment of the client's vision.

The studio's commitment to cleanliness and hygiene is another aspect that sets Eichdesign apart. The studio's working style emphasizes a clean and hygienic environment, providing clients with a safe and comfortable space to get their tattoos.

Eichdesign also stands out for its quick appointment scheduling, ensuring a positive experience for clients from start to finish. This efficient process, coupled with the studio's dedication to customer satisfaction, has resulted in a high level of satisfaction with the final product, as expressed by numerous reviewers.

In conclusion, Eichdesign is a tattoo studio that combines personalized service, attention to detail, and a clean working environment to deliver a unique and satisfying tattoo experience.


Christoph-Lüders-Straße 39, 02826 Görlitz, Germany


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  • a man with a cover-up tattoo on his arm, görlitz, germany
  • a man with a cover-up tattoo on his stomach, görlitz, germany
  • a man with a heart cover-up tattoo on his arm, görlitz, germany
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