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a narben tattoo on the arm of a woman, germersheim, germany

Blackline Lustadt


Blackline Lustadt is a renowned tattoo studio, celebrated for its exceptional advice and class preparation. The studio is a beacon of exemplary hygiene, ensuring a clean and safe environment for all its clients. At the heart of Blackline Lustadt is a super master tattoo artist, known for creating fast, cool tattoos at a fair price. This artist's skill is matched only by their friendly and honest service, making every client feel valued and respected.

Blackline Lustadt specializes in custom-made tattoos, crafting unique designs that are tailored to each individual's preferences. This personalized approach has earned the studio numerous recommendations from satisfied customers, who praise the excellent work and creativity. The studio is particularly appreciated for its ability to bring unique ideas to the table, often suggesting designs that customers may not have thought of before.

The artist at Blackline Lustadt is not only incredibly talented but also super likeable and approachable. They are known for their willingness to make jokes and create a fun atmosphere, ensuring that every tattoo session is an enjoyable experience. Despite the high-quality service and exceptional artistry, the price at Blackline Lustadt is super fair compared to other tattoo studios. This combination of affordability, creativity, and friendly service makes Blackline Lustadt a standout choice for anyone seeking a unique and memorable tattoo experience.