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Kristina Art Tattoo&Permanent Make up


Kristina Art Tattoo & Permanent Make up studio is a beacon of professionalism and high-quality work, as echoed by numerous satisfied clients. The studio's work is consistently described as "excellent," resulting in a clientele that is not only pleased but eager to recommend the studio to others.

The studio's owner is a key part of its charm, often described as "super nice" and "extremely amiable." This positive atmosphere permeates the studio, making each visit a pleasant experience.

Clients also appreciate the personalized advice and tips provided by the knowledgeable staff. This added value enhances the overall experience, making each tattoo or permanent makeup application a unique journey rather than a mere transaction.

In terms of cost, the studio's pricing is considered reasonable when compared to other studios in the area. This affordability, coupled with the studio's high-quality work and friendly atmosphere, makes Kristina Art Tattoo & Permanent Make up a preferred choice for many.

In conclusion, Kristina Art Tattoo & Permanent Make up studio is a place where professionalism, quality, and a warm, friendly atmosphere come together to provide a memorable experience for all clients.


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