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Body Art Company


Body Art Company is a tattoo and piercing studio that has recently reopened its doors after a temporary closure due to COVID-19 restrictions. The studio is committed to maintaining a high standard of hygiene and infection prevention, as evidenced by the disinfectant stand available for customers at the entrance.

The piercers at Body Art Company are described as "cool" and "direct," making it easy for customers to walk in and get a piercing without an appointment. The studio's hygiene practices have been praised, demonstrating their dedication to providing a safe and clean environment for their clients.

However, it's important to note that some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the studio's communication. Despite being described as open online, some clients have reported a lack of response to their inquiries, leading to a waiting period of up to two months for an answer.

Additionally, there have been instances of customers having a poor piercing experience, including swollen ears and excruciating pain. These customers have criticized the piercer's technique and have noted that the piercing was done incorrectly.

Furthermore, some customers have shared negative experiences from years ago, where they were treated rudely. There have been mentions of the piercer speaking badly about other stores, which may have contributed to these poor experiences.

In conclusion, while Body Art Company has been praised for its hygiene practices and direct approach, it's clear that there are areas for improvement, particularly in terms of communication and customer service.