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Rising Line Tattoo Shop


Rising Line Tattoo Shop is a studio where customers have consistently reported positive experiences. The studio is particularly known for its artist, Alex, who has been highly praised for his intricate work. One customer was particularly impressed with the detailed depiction of a dragonfly on an oak leaf, a testament to Alex's exceptional skill and precision.

However, the Rising Line Tattoo Shop is not just about the artistry. It's also about the experience. Many customers have expressed their fondness for the studio, with one stating that they "like coming here." This suggests a welcoming atmosphere and a team that makes the tattooing process enjoyable.

Despite the positive feedback, the studio has faced some criticism regarding its reliability. Some customers have reported delays in appointments, with waiting times extending up to 30 minutes. There have also been instances where the studio has not responded to vouchers advertised on their Instagram account.

Furthermore, there have been instances where customers have felt disrespected due to lack of communication. One customer reported not being able to get an appointment despite scheduling it weeks in advance for April 17, 2023, in the afternoon. The studio was unresponsive, and the appointment was not kept.

In conclusion, Rising Line Tattoo Shop is a place where you can expect high-quality, intricate tattoos from a skilled artist. However, potential customers should be aware of the possible delays and communication issues.


Schlachtstraße 7, 26441 Jever, Germany


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