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a narben tattoo of a man with a mask on his face, frankfurt, germany

Tattoo 069


Tattoo 069 stands as a beacon for body art enthusiasts, offering a space where creativity and skill come together to craft personalized tattoos. The studio prides itself on its accessibility, ensuring that clients find it easy to reach for their appointments. With a focus on value, Tattoo 069 is recognized for its favorable price-performance ratio, providing quality services that clients find to be well worth the investment.

Clients stepping into Tattoo 069 can expect a comfortable atmosphere where the importance of client care is evident. The studio's dedication to making visitors feel at ease is complemented by the thoughtful advice provided by the artists, guiding clients through the decision-making process to ensure satisfaction with their chosen designs.

While Tattoo 069 strives to maintain high standards, it acknowledges the diverse experiences of its clientele. Some visitors have noted challenges in communication, particularly with language barriers and perceived friendliness. The studio is aware of these concerns and is actively working to enhance client interactions.

In the realm of body piercings, Tattoo 069 offers these services alongside its tattooing expertise. Although there has been feedback regarding the piercing technique, with a mention of a piercing being done too deeply and hastily, the studio takes this input seriously and is committed to continuous improvement in all its services.

Tattoo 069 invites those looking to express themselves through ink and piercings to experience the studio's blend of comfort, accessibility, and value. With a commitment to evolving and responding to client feedback, the studio aims to refine its craft and client relations, ensuring that each individual leaves with a sense of fulfillment and artistry.


  • a man with narben tattoos sitting at a table, frankfurt, germany
  • a clock narben tattoo on the arm, frankfurt, germany
  • a narben tattoo of a woman with a butterfly on her head, frankfurt, germany
  • a skull with roses on it's leg
  • a man and woman are taking a selfie
  • a man with a beard and narben tattoos sitting on a bench, frankfurt, germany
  • a street with a red umbrella and a red chair