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a cover-up tattoo of a man's face with a mask on his leg, essen, germany

2H Tattoo Studio Essen


Immerse yourself in the unique experience that is 2H Tattoo Studio Essen. This studio is renowned for its top-quality tattoos, a testament to the passion and professionalism of its artists. The team, led by the talented Franzi, Heinz, and Uli, is not only friendly and accommodating but also quick to implement client wishes and ideas, ensuring a personalized and satisfying tattoo journey.

Franzi, known for her relaxed demeanor, has a knack for putting clients at ease, making the tattooing process a breeze. Heinz, an original artist in his own right, is praised for his ability to make clients feel comfortable while producing exceptional work. Uli, on the other hand, has a unique talent for transforming ancient tattoos into beautiful new ones, a skill that has earned him much acclaim.

The chemistry between the team and clients is palpable from the start, fostering a warm and welcoming environment. This, coupled with the studio's efficient appointment system, ensures a seamless experience for those looking to get inked. At 2H Tattoo Studio Essen, the focus is on delivering a unique tattoo experience that is as memorable as the art itself.


Haus-Berge-Straße 210, 45356 Essen, Germany


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