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a store front with a large window with a cover-up tattoo design, ennepe-ruhr-kreis, germany

ORBIT VOODOO - Electric Tattooing


Orbit Voodoo - Electric Tattooing is a studio that has earned a reputation for its exceptional execution of customer wishes and the high quality of its work. The studio's professional approach has consistently left customers satisfied and eager to return for future tattoos.

The artists at Orbit Voodoo are not just skilled in their craft, but also excel in providing valuable advice to their clients. They have a knack for making customers feel comfortable and well taken care of, which is a testament to their dedication to customer service.

The studio's commitment to top-quality work is evident in its clean and professional environment. Orbit Voodoo has built a solid reputation for maintaining high standards of cleanliness, which is a crucial aspect of any reputable tattoo studio.

While the studio has a track record of satisfied customers, it is also open to feedback and continuously strives to improve its services. A recent incident involving a lack of communication and follow-through on agreements was a disappointment to a loyal customer. However, this customer's willingness to continue patronizing Orbit Voodoo despite this setback speaks volumes about the studio's overall performance and the trust it has built with its clientele.

Orbit Voodoo - Electric Tattooing is a studio that values its customers and their wishes, providing professional and high-quality tattooing services in a clean and comfortable environment.


  • a person with a cover-up tattoo on their arm, ennepe-ruhr-kreis, germany
  • the building is very large and has a lot of shops