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black label tattoo


Immerse yourself in the pleasant environment of Black Label Tattoo, a sanctuary of creativity where good work is not just a promise, but a guarantee. This studio is renowned for its personalized service, ensuring every customer leaves not just satisfied, but truly happy.

At Black Label Tattoo, the artists are not just skilled, they are masters of their craft. Their excellent artistic abilities are evident in every stroke, every shade, and every detail of their work. They are not just enthusiastic about the drawing templates they use, they are passionate about bringing them to life on your skin.

The top-notch tattoo artistry at Black Label Tattoo is a testament to their commitment to excellence. They don't just create tattoos, they create masterpieces that are as unique as the individuals who wear them.

The team at Black Label Tattoo is not just willing, but eager to accommodate future appointments and ideas. They understand that a tattoo is a lifelong commitment, and they are dedicated to making sure that every piece they create is a perfect reflection of the person who wears it.

At Black Label Tattoo, every customer is treated like a VIP, every tattoo is a work of art, and every experience is unforgettable.


Schulstraße 19, 58332 Schwelm, Germany


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  • a man with a hat and a clock cover-up tattoo on his arm, ennepe-ruhr-kreis, germany