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Welcome to PQUS Tatts, a tattoo studio renowned for its easy arrangements and friendly service. Here, you can effortlessly schedule appointments and discuss special requests via WhatsApp, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience. The studio prides itself on its hygienic service, offering a clean and comfortable atmosphere that puts clients at ease.

At PQUS Tatts, the art of tattooing is customized to meet the unique desires of each client. Regardless of age, everyone is welcome to express themselves through the medium of ink. The studio has a reputation for making clients of all ages feel comfortable, even those over 60 years old.

The team at PQUS Tatts is committed to delivering high-quality advice and workmanship. The results are sharp, razor-sharp tattoos that are as unique as the individuals who wear them. Clients consistently express satisfaction with both the service and the end result, with the studio maintaining a 100% hygiene standard.

The relaxed atmosphere at PQUS Tatts is another key feature that sets it apart. The studio ensures that clients feel at ease during the tattoo process, making the experience as enjoyable as possible. Come and experience the PQUS Tatts difference, where the art of tattooing is taken to new heights.


Ackerstraße 107, 40233 Düsseldorf, Germany


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