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Bloodline Dortmund


Bloodline Dortmund is a tattoo studio that stands out for its excellent customer service and high-quality work. The team is consistently praised for their accommodating nature and clear communication, ensuring that every client feels valued and understood. The studio is not just a place to get a tattoo, but a space where personal meanings are etched into the skin, creating a lasting emotional significance.

The studio's professionalism is evident in its stylish and well-run environment. The focus is always on customer satisfaction, from the initial consultation to the final result. The quality of work is consistently high, with reviewers expressing their pleasure with the final outcome of their tattoos.

Bloodline Dortmund goes above and beyond by providing specific aftercare instructions for their tattoos, including the use of their own Bloodline tattoo cream. This attention to detail and care for their clients' wellbeing sets them apart in the industry.

While some reviewers found the studio's WhatsApp status advertising open-end hours to be misleading, the majority appreciated the transparency in communication about the planned time investment for their tattoos. The prices may be on the higher end, but reviewers felt that the quality of work and the assurance of not being charged for more time than expected justified the cost.

Getting an appointment at Bloodline Dortmund is a breeze, with reviewers noting the ease of securing a slot within a short period of time. The studio ambiance is another highlight, with a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that makes every visit a pleasant experience. Despite the occasional misunderstanding about time investment, Bloodline Dortmund remains a top choice for those seeking a professional, high-quality tattoo experience.


Hermannstraße 19, 44263 Dortmund, Germany


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