Tatoo Studios.
a cover-up tattoo of a woman with a hat and a feather, deggendorf, germany

Tattoo by Fred


Tattoo by Fred is a distinguished tattoo studio, renowned for its exceptional artist who possesses extraordinary skills. This studio has earned high praise and respect from both clients and peers, a testament to the quality of work and professionalism that is consistently delivered.

Tattoo by Fred is not just a studio, it's a beacon of excellence in the tattoo industry, boasting a stellar reputation that precedes it. The artist's mastery in creating unique, intricate designs is unparalleled, making every tattoo a masterpiece that tells a story.

In addition to the remarkable artistry, Tattoo by Fred offers private consultations upon request. This allows for a personalized experience, where clients can discuss their ideas and visions in detail. The studio's commitment to customer satisfaction and individual expression is evident in every aspect of its operation.

At Tattoo by Fred, every tattoo is more than just a design, it's a work of art, a personal statement, and a testament to the exceptional skills of a highly respected artist. Experience the excellence, creativity, and professionalism that Tattoo by Fred is known for.


Ulmenstraße 17, 94486 Osterhofen, Germany


  • the building in which the holiday home is located