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Barßel Ink - Body Electric Colors


Barßel Ink - Body Electric Colors is a tattoo studio renowned for its quick appointment scheduling, particularly for repeat piercings. This efficient service is highly appreciated by patrons who value their time and prefer a seamless experience. The studio's tattoo artist is known for his trustworthiness, a trait that has earned him a loyal clientele. His skill and dedication are reflected in the high level of customer satisfaction with the tattoos he creates.

The studio's staff is another highlight, known for their friendly and helpful nature. They are always ready to assist, making every visit a positive experience. However, it's important to note that there have been isolated incidents of unfortunate experiences, such as a crooked septum piercing and canceled or postponed appointments. Despite these occasional hiccups, Barßel Ink - Body Electric Colors remains committed to providing a satisfying and memorable tattooing experience.