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Stich Chemnitz Tattoo & Piercing


Stich Chemnitz Tattoo & Piercing is a haven for tattoo and piercing enthusiasts, offering services at reasonable prices without compromising on quality. The studio is renowned for its friendly and courteous staff, who are committed to providing excellent customer service, ensuring every client feels valued and respected.

The studio boasts modern and clean facilities, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that immediately puts clients at ease. The environment is not only pleasant but also welcoming, encouraging clients to return for more of their exceptional services.

At Stich Chemnitz Tattoo & Piercing, professional workmanship is the order of the day. The team's attention to detail in tattooing and piercing services is second to none, resulting in intricate and stunning body art that clients can proudly wear.

The experienced personnel at the studio have a deep knowledge of their craft, which is evident in the positive experiences of their clients. Their expertise, combined with their passion for the art, ensures that every tattoo or piercing is a masterpiece that reflects the individuality of the client.

In summary, Stich Chemnitz Tattoo & Piercing is a studio that combines affordability, professionalism, and a welcoming atmosphere to provide a superior tattoo and piercing experience.


Am alten Bad 5, 09111 Chemnitz, Germany


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