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Espada INK CLUB CELLE is a tattoo studio renowned for its consistent delivery of clean, high-quality work. The professional artists at this studio are not only friendly but also provide valuable advice to clients, ensuring a comfortable and informed tattoo experience.

The studio stands out for its exceptional color tattoos, which are crafted with great precision and performance. The competence of the Espada INK CLUB CELLE team is evident in the longevity of their tattoos, with no fading or discoloration visible even after several months.

In addition to their remarkable tattooing skills, the team also provides follow-up treatment and comprehensive information about aftercare. This ensures that every client leaves the studio with not only a stunning piece of body art but also the knowledge to maintain its vibrancy and quality.

Espada INK CLUB CELLE is more than just a tattoo studio; it's a place where artistry, professionalism, and care come together to create an unforgettable tattoo experience.


Wilhelm-Busch-Straße 7, 29313 Hambühren, Germany