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Das Kollektiv Tattooatelier & Kunstgalerie


Immerse yourself in the world of body art at Das Kollektiv Tattooatelier & Kunstgalerie, a studio renowned for its exceptional artists. With a reputation for excellence, the artists at Das Kollektiv Tattooatelier & Kunstgalerie are celebrated for their superior skills, transforming skin into a canvas of intricate designs and vibrant colors.

The studio is not just a place to get inked, but a space where creativity thrives and customer satisfaction is paramount. The supportive staff at Das Kollektiv Tattooatelier & Kunstgalerie ensure a comfortable and welcoming environment, guiding clients through the process with professionalism and care.

Visitors to Das Kollektiv Tattooatelier & Kunstgalerie often leave as super satisfied customers, their expectations exceeded by the high-quality artistry and exceptional service. This is not just a tattoo studio, but a hub of artistic expression and customer satisfaction. Experience the art of tattooing at its finest at Das Kollektiv Tattooatelier & Kunstgalerie.


Am Schwarzen Meer 16, 28205 Bremen, Germany