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a man with a narben tattoo on his shoulder, bodenseekreis, germany

Patiki Tatau


Patiki Tatau is a top-rated tattoo studio, renowned for its fair prices and swift appointment scheduling. The studio is home to a highly skilled tattoo artist who is not only adept at bringing customers' visions to life but also engages them in the creative process. This artist is known for his unique style of interaction and entertainment, making each tattoo session a memorable experience. However, it's worth noting that his penchant for vibrant colors might not suit everyone's taste.

The studio is also staffed by two highly praised individuals, whose excellent service has earned them a strong recommendation from previous customers. Their combined expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction make every visit to Patiki Tatau a pleasant experience.

This family-oriented tattoo studio prides itself on its competent and cool team members who are committed to creating unique tattoos. They steer clear of repetitive designs like endless loops, ensuring that every piece of art they create is as unique as the person wearing it. At Patiki Tatau, you can expect nothing less than a personalized, engaging, and satisfying tattooing experience.


  • a woman with a narben tattoo on her arm, bodenseekreis, germany
  • a man is working on a narben tattoo, bodenseekreis, germany