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Serious Tattoo


Serious Tattoo is a studio that has garnered a reputation for its fair prices and inviting atmosphere. The studio's owner, Kathrin, is often lauded for her pleasant demeanor and professional approach, making every client's experience memorable. Her creativity and skills have been a source of satisfaction for many clients over the years, with one reviewer even highlighting her artistic prowess.

The studio's artists, including Catherine, are known for their ability to listen to clients' desired tattoo motifs and translate them into almost perfect sketches. The finished tattoos often exceed expectations, with some of Catherine's artworks now proudly displayed on the bodies of satisfied clients.

While there has been an occasional disappointment, such as a less than satisfactory cover-up tattoo, the studio's commitment to customer service remains unshaken. Even in such instances, the owner's pleasant nature has been noted, demonstrating the studio's dedication to maintaining a positive atmosphere.

Serious Tattoo is highly recommended for those who value artists who take the time to listen to clients' requests. This studio is a testament to the power of creativity, skill, and a client-focused approach in delivering exceptional tattoo artistry.


Freiheitstraße 9, 44866 Bochum, Germany


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