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Ad Infinitum


Ad Infinitum Tattoo Studio is renowned for its high-quality tattoos and welcoming atmosphere. The studio's reputation for excellence is echoed by many satisfied customers who have praised the exceptional work and customer service of guest tattoo artist, Mireya Hernandez.

The studio's homely atmosphere is another highlight, creating a comfortable and relaxed environment for customers. This, coupled with the team's friendliness and professionalism, ensures that every client feels at ease throughout their tattooing experience. The team at Ad Infinitum is also highly responsive to changes in the desired motif, ensuring that the final tattoo is a perfect reflection of the client's vision.

One of the studio's regular artists, Daria, has also received high praise from customers. One reviewer was so satisfied with their experience that they expressed a desire to return for another tattoo.

While some customers have noted longer wait times, the artists at Ad Infinitum have been commended for their responsiveness to client requests. Despite one reviewer citing a disappointing experience due to poor customer service and lack of response to email inquiries, the majority of feedback for the studio is overwhelmingly positive.

Ad Infinitum Tattoo Studio has built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality tattoos. Many reviewers have expressed their satisfaction with their tattoos, further cementing the studio's status as a provider of exceptional tattoo artistry.


Alte Hattinger Str. 29, 44789 Bochum, Germany


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