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BodyArt is a tattoo and piercing studio that is known for its comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff. The studio is highly recommended for its comfort level, making it an ideal place for multiple visits. The staff at BodyArt are not only welcoming but also provide excellent advice, ensuring that clients feel at ease throughout their visit.

While the studio's tattoo work may not be distinct in style, BodyArt shines in its piercing services. The piercing studio is praised for offering sound advice and making clients feel comfortable, which is a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Moreover, BodyArt offers a good price-performance ratio. This means that clients can expect to receive services that are worth every penny spent. The staff's good advice and the studio's overall comfort level contribute to this value, making BodyArt a go-to place for those seeking tattoo and piercing services.

In conclusion, BodyArt is a tattoo and piercing studio that prioritizes comfort and good advice, offering a good price-performance ratio that makes it a suitable choice for multiple visits.