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a black and white cover-up tattoo of a bull, berlin, germany

Stechwerk Tattoo Studio


Stechwerk Tattoo Studio stands as a paragon of cleanliness, a detail that resonates deeply with those who step through its doors. The studio prides itself on the exceptional advice provided by Pierre, a professional who places quality and friendliness above all else, ensuring that each client's experience is not rushed for the sake of speed or profit.

Scheduling an appointment at Stechwerk is a seamless process, appreciated for its ease despite the high demand for their quality tattoos. The studio's commitment to professionalism is evident in its dedication to individuality, crafting unique works of art that carry a personal touch for each client.

Artistry at Stechwerk reaches new heights with Mike Wanna DO, an artist renowned for his ability to translate stories and ideas into one-of-a-kind tattoos. This artistic interpretation is a testament to the studio's reliability, a trait that has earned the trust of clients who seek to make their mark with a distinctive and meaningful piece.

The satisfaction echoed by those who have experienced Stechwerk's mastery is a powerful endorsement, solidifying the studio's reputation as a place where artistry and client happiness converge. Stechwerk Tattoo Studio is not just a destination for tattoos; it is a haven for those seeking to etch their narratives onto their skin with confidence and care.


Radelandstraße 38, 13589 Berlin, Germany


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