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a cover-up tattoo of a clock and roses, berlin, germany

Rock N Art Tattoo Lounge


Welcome to Rock N Art Tattoo Lounge, a destination where personal recommendations are a testament to the exceptional tattooing experience. The studio's casual and relaxed atmosphere sets the stage for a comfortable and unintimidating environment, perfect for both first-timers and tattoo enthusiasts alike.

Clients consistently praise the work produced at Rock N Art Tattoo Lounge, with many returning for multiple pieces and expressing high satisfaction with the quality of the artistry. The studio's reputation for a favorable price-performance ratio assures visitors that they are investing in both great art and great value.

At the heart of Rock N Art Tattoo Lounge's success is the professionalism and skill of the artists, with accolades highlighting their deep knowledge of the trade. The studio's commitment to customer satisfaction shines through in the positive feedback, especially when it comes to collaborative projects like partner tattoos, which come highly recommended.

Adding to the memorable experience, the personal touches provided by the staff, including Olli's friendly personality and sense of humor, leave a lasting impression on clients. The enthusiastic language used in reviews, with words like "awesome" and "totally," mirrors the vibrant and positive energy that the studio embodies.

Rock N Art Tattoo Lounge stands out as a place where artistry and atmosphere converge, creating an inviting space for all who seek to express themselves through the canvas of their skin.


Achillesstraße 59, 13125 Berlin, Germany


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