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Henna Tattoo & Accessories Berlin


Henna Tattoo & Accessories Berlin stands out for its creativity and skill in the art of henna, with customers frequently praising the beautiful, freehand designs that adorn their skin. The studio has garnered a reputation for providing personalized service, as evidenced by the positive experiences shared by those who have received tailored advice and impressive results from their visits.

The quality of the henna supplies offered by the studio is another highlight, with users finding the products both fun and effective. This has sparked an interest in learning more about the henna used, a testament to the studio's commitment to high-quality materials.

While the studio has faced some challenges with response times, with a few reviewers noting difficulties in getting calls returned, the overall customer feedback underscores the studio's dedication to its craft and clientele. The personal touch provided by the owner, in particular, has been recommended by patrons who have had direct interactions, adding a layer of trust and satisfaction to the services offered.

Although Henna Tattoo & Accessories Berlin may be a gem that requires a bit of travel for those not in the immediate vicinity, the allure of its henna artistry has reached across state lines, inviting enthusiasts from different regions to experience the studio's offerings. The studio's blend of artistic flair and individualized attention makes it a noteworthy destination for henna enthusiasts and newcomers alike.


links bei Engelhardt klingeln, Kulmer Str. 19/4.OG, 10783 Berlin, Germany


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