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Farbrausch Tattoo & Piercing


Welcome to Farbrausch Tattoo & Piercing, where the fusion of friendly professionalism and artistic talent creates an unparalleled tattooing experience. At the heart of our studio, you'll find Chichi and Eric, our acclaimed artists whose skills are consistently lauded by clients for their ability to craft high-quality tattoos. Their dedication to the art form is matched only by their commitment to providing attentive, personalized service to each client.

Pristine hygiene and cleanliness are the cornerstones of Farbrausch Tattoo & Piercing. Clients frequently commend the studio for its "absolutely hygienic" environment, ensuring peace of mind and a focus on safety that is as sharp as the needles we use. The meticulous attention to maintaining a sterile workspace reflects our unwavering dedication to the well-being of our clients.

The expertise of our staff, particularly highlighted in reviews of Eric's work, showcases a deep well of knowledge and experience. His professional approach, combined with a talent that shines through every completed piece, has earned him a reputation for excellence within the tattoo community.

Clients stepping into Farbrausch Tattoo & Piercing are immediately enveloped in a comfortable atmosphere that sets the stage for a relaxed tattooing journey. From the first visit, the warmth and ease of the environment contribute to an experience that many are eager to repeat.

Indeed, the satisfaction of our clients is echoed in their intentions to return for future tattoos, a testament to the trust and confidence they place in our studio. Farbrausch Tattoo & Piercing is not just a destination for a single tattoo but a haven for those seeking to embark on a lifelong journey of self-expression through ink.


Schönfließer Str. 15, 10439 Berlin, Germany


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