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Atelier White Rabbit (Tattoos & Dreadlocks)


Atelier White Rabbit stands as a beacon of high-quality craftsmanship in the heart of the city, easily accessible and central to its clientele. The studio's dedication to professional and humane interactions is palpable from the moment one steps into the lovingly furnished space, which exudes a unique and welcoming atmosphere. With a focus on hygiene, the studio ensures that each piercing heals optimally, reflecting their commitment to client care.

The artists at Atelier White Rabbit are in a constant state of growth, continually educating themselves to provide innovative solutions tailored to their clients' needs. Sarah, with her impressive attention to detail, is not only skilled in the art of tattooing but also specializes in creating and maintaining dreadlocks. Her personable nature and competence shine through as she offers invaluable advice for dread care, ensuring clients feel 100% comfortable and collected during their appointments.

Johannes brings a distinctive flair to the studio with his unique style, underpinned by a dedication to sustainability. His commitment to using materials that are animal-free, plastic-free, and allergy-friendly sets a standard in the industry, catering to a conscious clientele.

Together, Sarah and Johannes create a comfortable atmosphere that resonates with friendliness and likability, making every visit to Atelier White Rabbit a wonderful experience where clients leave feeling not just satisfied with the artistic results, but also valued and respected.


Kapuzinerstraße 9, 96047 Bamberg, Germany


  • a man with a narben tattoo on his arm, bamberg, germany
  • a woman with a narben tattoo on her arm, bamberg, germany
  • a man with a narben tattoo on his arm, bamberg, germany
  • a narben tattoo of a bird on the leg, bamberg, germany
  • a narben tattoo of a deer skull with a skull on it, bamberg, germany
  • a hand with a narben tattoo design on it, bamberg, germany
  • a narben tattoo of a bird on the ribs, bamberg, germany
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