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Jimmys Tattoo


Welcome to Jimmys Tattoo, a studio renowned for its high-quality work, where precision meets creativity. Here, every tattoo is a masterpiece, crafted with great advice and meticulous attention to detail. The studio prides itself on delivering customized tattoos that not only meet but exceed client's requests, transforming their wishes into a unique piece of body art.

At Jimmys Tattoo, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with a friendly and uncomplicated service that puts clients at ease. The artist is not just a tattooist but a personable advisor, taking an active and creative role in the tattoo process. This ensures that every design is a perfect reflection of the client's personality and desires.

One of the standout features of Jimmys Tattoo is the availability of short notice appointments. Despite the quick turnaround, the quality of work remains exceptional, resulting in amazing tattoos that leave clients in awe.

Moreover, the studio is known for its competitive pricing, offering top-notch services without breaking the bank. At Jimmys Tattoo, the focus is on delivering an unforgettable tattoo experience that combines quality, creativity, and affordability.


Jann-Berghaus-Straße 74, 26548 Norderney, Germany


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