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Inked Mermaid Art


Inked Mermaid Art is a tattoo studio renowned for its professional advice and implementation of requests. The studio prides itself on high-quality work, with an unwavering attention to detail that ensures every tattoo is a masterpiece. The friendly and cozy atmosphere of the studio makes it a welcoming space for both first-timers and seasoned tattoo enthusiasts.

The owner of Inked Mermaid Art is known for being sympathetic, helpful, and communicative, always ready to guide clients through the process. This studio is where ideas and wishes come to life through the art of tattooing. The team's quick and careful work ensures a smooth and comfortable experience for every client.

Inked Mermaid Art holds an excellent reputation for fine, precise work, making it an ideal choice for those seeking their first tattoos. The love for the craft is evident in every piece created, with a passion for producing beautiful tattoos that are both unique and personal.

The studio is open to other ideas and suggestions, encouraging clients to collaborate in the creation of their body art. The artist at Inked Mermaid Art is highly skilled, consistently producing amazing results that exceed expectations. This studio is a testament to the beauty and artistry of tattooing, offering an unforgettable experience for all who step through its doors.


Schirumer Loog 12, 26605 Aurich, Germany


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