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a man's leg with a watercolor narben tattoo, ansbach, germany



DunkelBunt is a tattoo studio that prides itself on its friendly and clean environment. The studio is renowned for its professional and skilled tattoo artists who consistently deliver high-quality work. These artists are not just masters of their craft, but also advisors who provide great advice to their clients, ensuring a satisfying and fulfilling customer experience.

The studio's commitment to cleanliness and hygiene is evident in its pristine environment, which customers have repeatedly praised. DunkelBunt is not just a tattoo studio, but also a recommended destination for piercings, offering a comprehensive range of services to meet diverse customer needs.

What sets DunkelBunt apart is its unique and customized designs. The artists here understand that every tattoo is personal and work closely with customers to create designs that are as unique as the individuals wearing them. This commitment to personalization and quality has resulted in a multitude of happy customers who have shared their positive experiences.

Good customer service is at the heart of DunkelBunt. The team here is dedicated to ensuring that every customer feels valued and satisfied with their experience. This dedication to customer satisfaction, combined with the studio's high-quality work and professional advice, makes DunkelBunt a standout choice for anyone seeking a tattoo or piercing.


Vorderer Spitzenberg 2, 91555 Feuchtwangen, Germany


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  • a narben tattoo with a picture of a pokemon and a cat, ansbach, germany