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Anthrax Tattoo


Anthrax Tattoo is home to a talented and professional tattoo artist known for his great personality and exceptional skills. The studio is a clean, well-kept space, designed with an eye for detail and a touch of love. The artist at Anthrax Tattoo designs tattoos with confidence, ensuring cleanliness and fantastic quality in every piece of work.

Visitors to Anthrax Tattoo are treated to friendly and humorous conversation during their appointments, making the experience enjoyable and relaxed. The studio is praised for its prompt meeting appointments and flexible pricing, accommodating the needs of every client.

Anthrax Tattoo goes the extra mile in providing a thorough explanation of tattoo care. Clients are given detailed handouts with all the necessary information, making it easy to follow up on care instructions. This attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the multiple reviews that highlight the studio's cleanliness, professionalism, and quality of work.

Customers express high levels of satisfaction with their tattoos from Anthrax Tattoo, with many intending to return for future designs. Despite being in high demand, the artist ensures each client feels valued and satisfied, taking the time to deliver a personalized and high-quality service.

The welcoming atmosphere at Anthrax Tattoo enhances the overall experience, making it not just a place to get a tattoo, but a destination for those seeking a unique and enjoyable experience. With its combination of professional service, quality work, and a friendly environment, Anthrax Tattoo stands as a premier choice for those seeking a memorable tattoo experience.


Jakobstraße 14, 52477 Alsdorf, Germany


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